Step 2: Find Your Shows

In Step 1, we kept a diary to see what TV we actually watched versus what we thought we watched.

In our family’s case, we learned that my wife watches the Today Show every morning, we watch a fair amount of live sports on the weekends either on one of the “big 4” broadcast networks (ABC/CBS/NBC/Fox) or on one of the ESPN networks, and when all else fails the TV ends up either on Food Network, Cooking Channel, or the occasional HGTV show. Call us boring middle aged folks if you wish, but that’s us.

While the DVR had been capturing a bunch of stuff on Comedy Central, HBO, and CNN (Bourdain’s Parts Unknown) for at least a year it had been over 6 months since we watched any of it. The one channel where we did watch stuff off the DVR was PBS, as our local station has a habit of putting good shows on at really odd times.

We have had Netflix for a couple of years; we watch it occasionally, especially when I’m out of town and my wife is in the mood for a chick flick. We’re both Amazon Prime members, but we forget to use the streaming benefits most of the time. We just like 2 day shipping. 🙂

So our list of channels we really care about comes down to this:

The local ABC affiliate
The local CBS affiliate
The local Fox affiliate
The local NBC affiliate
The local PBS affiliate
Cooking Channel
ESPN and its assorted networks
Food Network

The channels that are nice to have but not a deal breaker:

Travel Channel

We can easily do this with a combination of over the air TV and streaming services.