Step 1: What do you really watch?

I’ve found that there’s a disconnect between what you think you watch and what you really do.

When you first sit down to pick a cable/satellite package, you scroll through the list of networks and think “yes, I really do need that network… and that one… and that one…” and you end up in an upper tier in a hurry.

But now that you’re in that upper tier, what do you really watch? Put a notebook next to the TV and write down what you actually consume for awhile. You might be surprised.

There’s a couple things at play. First, over time, networks that you used to watch change their offerings as they chase advertising dollars. Not to mention your tastes change as you get older. 10 – 15 years ago, I couldn’t get enough of VH-1 Classic. Now? I forget it’s there, usually because it’s showing a movie that I don’t care about. Also, some networks sound good on paper but can’t hold your interest when you sit down to watch TV. Second, you and your family have lives outside the house – just how much time do you spend watching television.

So keep a diary. Then look it over and see where you can find that content.